Foundation of Buddhist practice.

From the observance of precepts, concentration is cultivated.

From the maintenance of concentration, wisdom arises.

One of the basic practices in Buddhism is observing precepts. For many people, precepts sounded like commandments from Buddha.

Along with this misunderstanding, is the belief that observing precepts will make Buddha happy. We become good boys or girls because we are following Buddhist law. We are good Buddhist citizens. Therefore if we are good Buddhist, Buddha will bless and protect us.

These are misunderstanding caused by people trying to understand Buddhism by referencing other religion.

Actually, Buddhism is all about enlightenment. Aqa q

The precepts in Buddhism is a practice that is meant to develop an enlightened mind. It is a voluntary observance that is helpful for our spiritual development.

To observe the precepts successfully, we have to be mindful of our behaviours. To be mindful of our behaviours we have to be mindful of our thoughts.

After observing the precepts for a period of time, our mind will start to develop specific characteristic that is conducive for spiritual development.

When we observe the precept to abstain from killing and harming other sentient beings we develop loving kindness. We become more tolerant of others. We recognise that even mosquitoes or cockroaches have a right to be alive and happy.

When we abstain from stealing, we learn to be contented with what we have. We also become mindful of being upright and fair. For example, we are mindful not to steal work time by being lazy at work. We do not enjoy taking advantages of others. If a cashier mistakenly gives us more, we return the extra amount.

When we abstain from sexual misconduct, we learn to be contented with our sex life. We train the mind not to be lustful. We avoid stressful situations that arises from having to deal with multiple partners.

When we abstain from falsehood, our mind is free from the stress of lying.

When we abstain from intoxicants, our mind is clear and healthy for meditation. We avoid unpleasant situations created by our drunken behaviours.

Therefore, the observance of precepts has many benefits that will support our mind training.

1. It creates a healthy lifestyle

2. A healthy lifestyle creates conducive environment for mental development. One that is free from unnecessary worries. (Worries of being caught lying or cheating)

3. Our practice of observing precepts train our mind to be mindful of our actions, speech and thoughts.

4. It helps to develop positive traits or vibes in our mind that is good for spiritual progress.

Therefore observing precepts is good for our own benefit and will ultimately bring wisdom into our life.

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