Shakyamuni Buddha


One of the top ten great disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha. He is foremost in the ability of divine sight. (Dibbacakkhu).


He was Buddha’s first cousin and one of the few nobleman who decided to become monks when Buddha returned to his birth place to teach the Dharma.

He lived a pampered and luxurious life and was initially hesitant to become a monk. He only agreed to it when being assured by his kinsman that he will receive all material support to live well as a monk.

He was initially lazy and sleeping his day away. After an admonishment, he changed his way and slept little. Spending his time practising.

His special practice is known as the 8 Thoughts of a Great Man as recorded in Anuruddha Sutta. Sakyamuni Buddha appeared miraculously in front of him to tutor him. After he became an Arhat,he uttered the following

Knowing my thoughts, the Teacher, unexcelled in the cosmos, came to me through his power in a body made of mind. He taught in line with my thoughts, and then further. The Buddha, delighting in non-objectification, taught non-objectification. Knowing his Dhamma, I kept delighting in his bidding. The three knowledges have been attained; the Buddha’s bidding, done.

When the God, Brahma was filled with pride, thinking that no other spiritual practitioners can reach his state of being; Anuruddha was one of the few monks who went to the Brahma world to help curb that pride.

He was held in high esteem and played a crucial role during Buddha’s parinirvana, being able to tell when exactly parinirvana had occurred. He consoled and encouraged the fellow monks.

He also played a vital role in the preservation of the Dharma and was entrusted with safe keeping the Aṅguttara Nikāya. He passed into parinirvana at the age of 150 years old.

Hope you enjoy reading.This is the 1st post of the series of Buddha’s top disciple. and keep a lookup the finale to this series of posts.

May all be well and happy.

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