Hirosaki Sakura festival

If you visit Aomori during the Sakura season, do include a visit to Hirosaki castle park. In 2019, sakura is forecasted to bloom from 22nd April to 6 May. Plan ahead and research forecast date if you wish to catch the funfair surrounding Sakura blooms.

This castle moat turns pink when the petals fall. I arrived when the flowers just bloomed.

The beautiful old architecture of Japanese castle framed by bouquets of cherry blossom is simply beautiful.

There are street food stalls inside the park around Hirosaki Castle. You can buy some food and have a picnic under the Sakura blossoms.

Or row a boat in the castle moat and enjoy the views of sakura on the bank.

In days bygone, Hirosaki is also a place where westerners initially settled. Over here, you will witness the marriage of western architecture with the Japanese functionality.

If you are a Zen fan, there is an entire Avenue of zen monasteries. Thanks to feudal samurai lord who decided that he needed spiritual protections in addition to his military might. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit it. Just take the main road leading to Choshoji. You can just hop into the monasteries along the stretch of road.

1-chōme-23-8 Nishishigemori, Hirosaki, Aomori 036-8273, Japan
+81 172-32-0813

Hirosaki is also famous for apple pie! The folks are proud of their baking skills and tourist can hunt for apple pies from different bakeries by following the apple pie map!

You can get a copy from the tourist information centre.

That is my day in Hirosaki.

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