Debt free happiness

Buddha taught that there are various worthy happiness in our world.

One of which, is the happiness of being debt free. A peaceful contentment that we do not owe others.

Contrary to the current world view, the ability to obtain credit, spend first and pay back later, is not to be celebrated and abused.

Buddhism advocate living within ones means and the practice of contentment.

In this instance, the intention is to encourage simple living and focus on spiritual training.

Besides material debt, we also try to avoid karmic debt.

Unlike monetary debt, karmic debt is ‘invisible’. We do not get a bank statement, telling us how much we owe.

Instead it is recorded in our karma.

Due to rebirth, any karmic debt owed in this life gets carried over to the next one.

The idea is to be fair towards others and not to take advantage of people.

For example, if we are employer, we must not exploit employees. If we are a manager, we have to be fair in our performance appraisal. If we are employee, we have to be conscientious. If we are in business and trade, we should not cheat our customers.

We may fool others and we may not be caught in this life. However, we cannot hide from our own mind.

Whatever we get away with now, will boomerang and come back at us. If not in this life, then the next.

That is why we have to live honestly, with integrity and with fairness.

That way, our mind will be bright. There will be lesser obstacle when our mind is ready for the next leap.

May all be well and happy.

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