Happiness of wishlessness

As a kid, I always felt that I am the smartest because when I heard story of the genie and the magic lamp; I would wish for a million wishes.

Today, I read an excerpt from a sermon of Ajahn Brahm and realised that I am the stupidest and greediest one…… A wise Buddhist will wish that there is no more wishes!

Although, we studied and we heard that contentment is happiness; there is always a thousand things that we longed for in life. The perfect spouse, perfect parent, perfect children, perfect relationship, perfect car, perfect holiday….

The problem is that it will never be perfect because we do not know what “perfect” is. The root of all this is craving. Once we obtained something, we immediately crave for something else.

The telltale sign of active craving is simple. Be mindful of our dissatisfactions. Many a time, we will discover that our shifting desire causes discontentment. That discontentment leads to disappointment and unhappiness.

So the solution is never ever, about satisfying our desire. The solution is about eliminating desire. Being contented with your wife or husband, being contented with your kids and house.

Just the opposite of what the world media is teaching us everyday!

Finding contentment in Pure land Scriptures

And you thought I am done with Pure land huh ?

Furthermore, this land is called “Ultimate Bliss” because it is surrounded by seven rings of railings, and seven layers of nets, and seven rows of trees, all made of the four precious jewels. 
Moreover, the Land of Ultimate Bliss has many jeweled ponds filled with the waters of eight virtues. The bottom of each of the ponds is pure golden sand, and the stepped walkways that lead up from all four sides of each of the ponds are made of gold, silver, lapis lazuli and crystal. Above the ponds there are towers which are adorned with silver and gold and lapis lazuli and crystal and mother of pearl and red agate. 

Amitabha Sutra

I was chanting as usual one day. My mind strayed to the wants in life. How I would be happy if I can travel first class, have a million dollars in bank account, live in a huge mansion etc.. Perhaps I was praying to Amitabha Buddha like a God (Bad Jamyang!) When I pulled my mind back to Amitabha’s name, the above verse occured to me.

Then my mind jumped to the pure land and started creating visions. In the end, I was sitting in a land so rich that the ground is gold and precious stones are everywhere. Everything was clean and pristine. The airis clean and the temperature just nice. Bright and not glaring….. Contentment blossomed and there is this peaceful happiness that settled in my mind.

Now, whenever I have discontentment, I would tap into that memory of contentment to catch a glimpse of happiness. Such is the wonder of Mahayana Sutra.

May all be well and happy.

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