Is our practice tainted by greed and laziness?

This is a post relating to mysticism. (In case you do not like reading about mambo jambo)

In one of the Tibetan Buddhist practice, One would worship the Bodhisattva Jambhala by offering water to Him. This is done by pouring water on to the head of the statue of Jambhala. It is believed that by doing so, Jambhala will be pleased.

Since Jambhala is in charge of bestowing wealth, many fengshui master started advising their follower to simply place Jambhala statue under a constant flow of water. They reckon that since Jambhala likes water over his head, the more water will mean more wealth blessing from Jambhala. (That is greed creeping into spiritual practice) Typically, they advise their believer to place Jambhala statue under an artificial waterfall fountain.

And since the statue is sitting in a pond with a fountain, the water that is poured onto the statue is collected and automatically recycled and pours back over the head. (That is laziness)


I think this ancient practice will be more meaningful if we do it with right motivation and intent. Then it will be made more beautiful if we do it with mindfulness and respect. We control our greed and not pour a pail of water over a statue sitting on our altar. Then we mindfully tend to the altar by cleaning up the excess water etc.

Instead, this practice had been corrupted. The statue of Jambhala the protector had become a decoration for a fountain!

So if you know of anyone using Jambhala like a fengshui toolkit, please share this article with them.

Buddhist practice should not be lead by greed and laziness.

Inspired by a super weird dream haunting me through the night after inviting the 1st consecrated statue of Jambhala into my home the previous day.

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