3800 years old town

I took a high speed rail from Taiyuan to Ping Yao ancient city. 平遥古城

Travel time is just about 35 min at a top speed of 238km/hr.

This place is a wonder because you get to see the ancient city as it is. I hope they do a better job with conservation and keep untidy cables out of sight.

But the architecture is amazing. People still lives in this city and some for generations.

I chose to live in a traditional courtyard house and experience this ancient house.

Here’s the hotel reception

Here’s the corridor to the rooms and the inner courtyard.

The room itself

At about USD 25 a night, I think it is fun for a try. But this place is old, so don’t expect state of the art facilities.

The city itself has building dating back many centuries. But you have to look past the modern sign board to see the original facade.

The entire city is surrounded by high city wall. You can climb to the top of the wall to appreciate ancient buildings within the walls and modern ones outside of it.

Top of the wall, is wide.

In ancient times soldiers guarding the city will be deployed here during war time.

Officials building on the wall.

You can visit museums that features ancient banking system, security services, court room etc

Underground vault of ancient bank

Accounting department of banking service

Administration department, notice the pigeon hole system?

Found a nice place to eat. Told them not to add to much salt and the food turn out just as I like. I found out they were highly rated after I had my lunch. Went back for dinner again.

Chicken and mushroom stew

Burdock roots in honey


Halfway through the meal and a cat came to join me at a table. I think it’s domesticated. It understood Chinese.

Braises Eggplant

Stewed pork

The ancient Taoist temple worshiping the city god is worth visiting too. In Buddhism, we believe that the city god is a tutelary deity.

Similar to a soul reaper, he guides the dead to the underworld for judgement. Folklore says that one will become rich if you catch a glimpse of him provided you are not his victim

The kitchen god and his wife.

The various constellation deities.

Pingyao ancient city offers many sights and taste. A fine place to visit, especially on a cloudy and breezy day.

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