Mount Wutai day 2

I happened to be caught in the summer rainy season.Aug 2018

The morning is fair weather but the afternoon seem to be scheduled for rain.

There are construction project here and there. Some area has a bit of muddy path and water ponding. Shoe will be soaked wet if you are caught in a rain here.

So here’s a wonderful product. Rain shoe.

For Rmb 15 it is like a raincoat for your shoe. Keeps my Nike sneaker happy and dry.

Transport in Mt.Wutai is convenient. I stick to public bus but walk most of the time. The top attractions are ancient temples and they are within walking distance.

Here’s one of the fabulous temples that I visited today.

Foremost is Dailuoding monastery that is located on a hilltop.

Decided to put this as item 1 today because weather here is extremely unpredictable.

Morning was fair and sunny and I had decided to go up this hill by cable car.

You can hike up the 1000s of steps if you want.

Plus there are many local tourist, going early means the queue for the cable car is shorter.

The main shrine hall contains 5 different sculpture of Manjushri. These are miniature replica of larger statue. The original larger statue are enshrined on each of the 5 peaks. Mt Wutai has 5 peaks and traditionally pilgrims had to climb all 5 peaks to complete their pilgrimage.

Then one of the emperor of ancient China told the monk that he would also like to complete the pilgrimage but make it feasible for him. He left with the word, “you figure it out, I will be back a year later”

The clever monk invented this temple. All 5 Manjushri under one roof. Situated at a hilltop provides a little bit of challenge in ascending, thus giving you s sense of achievement. and hey the emperor loved this idea. The monk was rewarded and people like me love this idea too.

The determination and effort of Buddhist pilgrims bowing once after walking every 3 steps is admirable. Imagine doing that and going up the 1000s of steps.

For dinner, I found my ideal meal today. VEGETARIAN buffet in a temple! For Rmb 38 you can have soup, fruits, different vegetarian dishes.

The temple offering this is call

Puhua monastery.

I had a chance to sample at least 10 dishes. With soup and fruits. I think it is a good deal.

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