To hell and back

This is one of my favourite exhibit at Haw Par Villa. (Some pictures depicting hellish torture below)

This park was immensely popular in Singapore before the introduction of television.

Filled with statues depicting scenes of famous Chinese folklore that extols various virtues, it was meant to be educational.

Parents would recount the tales as the young ones gawked at the colourful plaster artwork.

It is now forgotten and occasional visitors wandered the ground for selfie moments.

The morbid exhibition of hell was my favourite.

Way before Freddie Kruger of elms street, this was the best horror entertainment we can get.

Of course the modern educator will recoil with horror at how children were educated in the 60s

For fillial disobedience, this is what you get in the afterlife.

Yup. You get disemboweled! Can you imagine showing your children this and telling them to be obedient?

For not being a responsible parent or children, you get crushed by boulder.

And many many more creative ways of torture.

Not everything is morbid at Haw Par Villa. Here’s some other interesting exhibit

This is not a very large park and you can probably cover it in 2 hours.

Best to visit when it is bright and sunny. Look out for weather forecast. There are not much shelters and a tropical thunderstorm will pretty much drench you from head to toe.

There’s a subway station just at the main entrance. Therefore it is very convenient.

Admission is free!

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