Sensual flowers

Words of wisdom

Inspired by Puppha Vagga.


Those intoxicated by the flowers of sensual pleasures, will be shocked by impermanence.

Just as the garland maker picks his flowers, wise people picks the best doctrine for their life.

Mara enchants people with the beautiful flowers of sensual enjoyment.

Just as a bee collecting nectar from a flowers, the renunciant shall collect alms from families without harming them.

A flower blooms beautifully without the need to find flaws in others.

A person who preaches but does not practice, is like a scentless bloom that produces no fruit.


My Buddhist name is Ratna Jamyang Puntsog. I first encountered Buddhism in this life when I was 12. Formally took ceremonial refuge in the triple gem when I was 19. I believe the different spiritual methods were taught by Buddha to suit various beings who each have their own unique characteristic. The various sects and practices that arose are just a naming convention invented by disciples out of communication necessity. Had read and studied different forms of Buddhism. Volunteered in Buddhist organization. Until it last, I hope to share my views on Buddhism and find like minded practitioners around the world. May we practice Buddha's instruction together and connect through cyber space!

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