Receptive living

One of the Buddhist terminology that is a useful guide for a Buddhist lifestyle is


It embraces the ideal of accepting one’s current situation and facing it calmly. No expectation, no elation and no disappointment. Just going along with the flow and navigating our life according to the streams of our karma.

It is not a defeatism way of living.

It is a realistic approach towards life and doing the best in each and every of our situation.

After taking refuge in the Triple Gems and observing the Buddhist precepts, we are disciples of Buddha. The scriptural term for us is good/worthy men and women. (善男子,善女人)

Faith in the Buddha’s fundamental doctrine of Karma is important.

Do good and good will come our way.

Avoid evil if we do not want bad consequences in the future.


Leave the rest to the natural law of Karma. No need to worry about the future. Live in the present and live it well. That is receptive living.

If things aren’t going quite well, we can console ourselves that it is due to our past bad karma coming back at us. Sit tight. Once you ride through this bumpy stretch, it will become better.

If things are working well, remind ourselves that nothing is permanent. Work harder to do more good deeds so that our future will be good.


Hope you like this simple approach to life.


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      • Thank you Jamyang for your question. At our Sangha, we pour sweet tea three times over a mini Buddha, we chant the Kyoten, and had different speakers from Japan. The altar is decorated with beautiful flower bouquets and lots of fruit and vegetables which are distributed afterwards to all members. It’s just a beautiful gathering. This time the Tea Ceremony was held out side in beautiful sunshine. How did you celebrate?

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