Japanese Hospitality – sincerity

One of the reasons that I like Japan is the people there. I like the politeness, consideration and etiquette that are from the heart. Just one or two encounter is good enough to restore my faith in humanity.

Unlike the monkeys in Arashiyama Monkey Park that screech and snap at one another, human should exhibit care and consideration for each other. Such civility is not inborn but a concious effort to maintain after education.

When someone shows you hospitality from their heart, it can be felt. That is what impresses me the most in Japan. Just one or two encounter is enough for a deep lasting memory.

Minshuku 2.7

I am sufficiently touched to write about this lodging house. I stayed there on the 15th November 2017. I choose this place because of it’s close proximity to the Soni Kogen attractions

The lady boss has limited command of English but she tried her best to communicate with short precise sentences plus some sign language. Likewise for me and throughout the conversation there is a sense of sincerity. I can feel her effort to make my stay as pleasant as possible.

The place is clean and well kept. (I couldn’t resist running my finger across some surfaces to check for dust) Not that I am picky but I was just curious how she manage to upkeep such a big property. Totally Dust free and clean! No pest, no dust. You cannot wear shoes in the property, slippers are provided and I think that help tremendously with the cleanliness.

I booked my room to include Dinner and breakfast. The meal is simple but sincere. It felt like I was having a meal in my sister’s home during vacation. In short, it was like a delicious home cooked meal. (This part of Japan is remote and it’s best to dine at where you stay.)



There is a annexed public bath house that I was the last to use. It is decently maintained and good for a hot soak to recover from the cold mountain wind.

Beside the lodging house, they also run a small mini mart where you can get your fruits, tidbits, snacks and drinks. Located next to a highway, this place is accessible and convenient if you are touring Soni Kogen by car. I recommend staying here if you intend to catch the sunset at the mountain top where the pampass grass field is (Aka. Turtle pond or Soni Kogen Plateau)

Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Eki

The next property that impressed me is Super Hotel Lohas JR Nara Eki. It’s the sincerity of the management’s thought that impresses me. I stayed there on the 16th Nov 2017.

In a huge commercial hotel, the facilities and thoughts that went into it can be felt by the guest.

The room that I got is pretty small but I think it is well compensated by the 5 stars location. Just beside the JR station!

What I liked most is

  1. The pillow counter. There is a counter with shelves of pillows of different types for you to pick up. (same floor as the check in counter) Pillow that is too hard or too soft can cause insomia for me.  Here, you get to choose your own.
  2. The public bath has onsen water! I think they brought it over from Asuka! If you enjoy pampering yourself by soaking in hot mineral water after a tiring day of sightseeing, then this will be heavenly. (Not to forget, you usually don’t enjoy onsen water besides a JR station!)
  3. Breakfast. The hotel stay include a free breakfast and I found out only after check in. The spread is simple but delicious and fresh. You can tell the freshness by the bread and the salad. the greens were so crisp and fresh.

There you have it. Your sleep, bath and food were well thought out and provided. That is the sincerity that I felt from the management of the hotel.



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