Autumn Japan – Day 9

Today is 16 Nov and we start the day at Soni Highland. Soni Village fixed their weekly rest day on Wed. Yesterday all the local business like bakery and onsen were closed. However the pampass grass field continue to attract people.

Today we will visit the famous open air onsen, known as turtle bath. Soaking in the thermal spring water with view of mountain tops will soothe your body and mind.

The water at turtle bath is smooth and the experience is wonderful.

The water at turtle bath seems to make the skin smooth….

Here’s some other photo at Soni Kogen.

From Soni Kogen, we drove for close to 1.5 hrs to reach Nara and enjoy the Nara town and of course make friends with the deer there.

Compared to Mijiyama, the deer at Nara is more aggressive. You can buy special deer biscuits from the vendor to feed the deer.

Lunch is at a tendon restaurant that is newly opened. It is Omg level to me. One thing that caught my eye is the women power. All the chefs are ladies. Something quite rare in Japan. Their food is seriously good.

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