Flower fields

Here’s sharing some pictures of flower fields in Japan. One flower is already beautiful and nice, an entire field of flowers is really uplifting.

After seeing the flower fields in Hokkaido, I am hooked and look forward to seeing more.

The thing about flowers is impermanence. To witness an entire field of flowers in full blooms really depends on good timing.

Japan does a good job by providing information on when the fields are expected to be in full bloom. Which depends on the right conditions of the weather. The weather tend to be erratic in our current world.

So check and check the website of your destination and make sure to build flexibility into your travel plan.

A flower blooms without comparing with others.

They bloom when the time is ripe, without worry for wilt.

Flower dances to the wind and welcome the sun.

They offering their beauty to all who cares to come.


My Buddhist name is Ratna Jamyang Puntsog. I first encountered Buddhism in this life when I was 12. Formally took ceremonial refuge in the triple gem when I was 19. I believe the different spiritual methods were taught by Buddha to suit various beings who each have their own unique characteristic. The various sects and practices that arose are just a naming convention invented by disciples out of communication necessity. Had read and studied different forms of Buddhism. Volunteered in Buddhist organization. Until it last, I hope to share my views on Buddhism and find like minded practitioners around the world. May we practice Buddha's instruction together and connect through cyber space!

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