I find this practice beautiful and would like to encourage you to try it the next time you visit a Buddhist temple, a monument (such as a pagoda, stupa ) etc on a tour..

It is an act of respect / devotion towards Buddha and Buddhism in general.

What to do 

Keeping your right side towards the object of reverence. Walk in a clockwise direction, 3 times. Usually this is done around the stupa or a Buddha statue.

Do it with peaceful mind and loving heart. Walk mindfully , slowly and casually with palm at the heart.

You can look at the object of reverence and appreciate the beauty from all angles. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes to the ground and watch your way.  Just take care not to bump into others.

Conclude by bowing to the object on the final round.


This act had been observed by the gods since ancient times and is a very beautiful gesture. It generate tons of good merits for oneself too.

After completing the 3rd round, we simply wish that

All beings have wisdom. May all beings be well and happy.

Here’s an example of a statue in Seoul, Korea that can be circumambulated.


Giant Buddha Seoul


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