5 Qualities needed for Enlightenment

In Buddhism, we believe everyone has an innate ability to become Enlightened (free from sufferings) after they have meditated correctly. However, it is important to possess the following 5 qualities to make it conducive for success.


Foremost is to have faith in Buddha and what he represent. We do not have the slightest idea of what Enlightenment is. We read about Buddha’s life story and also stories of great Buddhist masters from South East Asia to America. Unless we believe Enlightenment is true and attainable, we will not be serious about it.


Enlightenment is not something that is bestowed by a higher almighty being. It is attainable only after we apply ourselves to training and perfecting our mind. In order to do mind training, we need to have good physical and mental health.


If we are not honest with ourselves, then it is easy to be conceited. Enlightenment means that we are free from the 3 mental afflictions of craving, aversion and ignorance. If we are not honest with ourselves, it is easy to delude ourselves into believing we are Enlightened even though we are not. Worse, we start trying to convince other people we are Enlightened even though we are not. This kind of lie is a terrible downfall for a practitioner. It is a great delusion that causes the meditator to go in the wrong direction.


As mentioned earlier, the Buddhist Enlightenment requires our own effort to achieve. Enlightenment is a personal transformation and requires us to be diligent in our mind training and mental development. Since it is not something that can be bestowed, diligence is a must. We cannot just pray to Buddha or a great master and “ding” we become Enlightened.


Wisdom is very important because it helps us to cut through the web of illusion. Without wisdom, Enlightenment is not possible. For example, while we are conditioned into believing that there is a “self” or “I”, the Buddha taught that the concept of “self” is just an illusion. This wisdom cannot be confused with knowledge. Knowledge is gained when we study. Buddhist wisdom is obtained when we “see” things differently and understand it without a single doubt.


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