Dear Ms Presidents and ministers

Every morning the media will report the latest news about different presidents or ministers from different countries. Their rise to popularity, their downfalls, their decisions, their views , their personal life and much more.

I think, these presidents, prime ministers and ministers (or whatever terminology) can be considered “rulers” if we are to draw a parallel to ancient terminology.

If we were to look at this from the Buddhist perspective, the duration of a ruler’s reign depends on their karma.

More importantly, the appearance of a wise leader who can stay long in power to benefit a nation is dependent on the population‘s common karma.

If a nation is greatly influenced by the 3 poisons of craving, aversion and ignorance, then the actions of the population will be swayed by these 3 poisons of the mind. The karma of that nation will become bad as time goes by. Thus, unlikely for a wise noble leader to rise into power in future.

On the other hand, if the population is compassion and kind, cherish wisdom and uphold nobleness in deeds, then the group karma will turn better and life will be better.

I am not well versed in political science but chanced upon the following while reading Buddhist text. Here’s sharing with all and may the world be a better place through the great leadership of wise man and woman. May the people have wisdom to differentiate good and bad.

Ten codes of conduct for a ruler

  1. Alms giving (I think that means charity and ability to take care of the less privileged?)
  2. Morality (I guess that means to be a good example to the nation)
  3. Liberality ( I guess that means to have an open minded attitude?)
  4. Straightness (I believe that means being upright and straightforward. Not crafty)
  5. Gentleness (as opposed to ruthlessness?)
  6. Self- restraint (less tweet?)
  7. Non-anger (able to manage their rage?)
  8. Forbearance (Able to deliberate and not take hasty action?)
  9. Austerity (not squandering the nation’s money?)
  10. Non-opposition (not going against public’s will?)

Above are just my personal interpretations. Feel free to share yours.

Avoid the wrong courses of actions

  1. Actions dominated by desire
  2. Actions dominated by ill-will
  3. Actions dominated by delusion
  4. Actions dominated by fear




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