Drunken Dharma


I am using a term coined by Luang Pu Waen Sucinno, a highly respected monk in Thailand.

Drunken dharma refers to stray thoughts of the mind that engages itself in the past and future.

In another word. If we are not mindful of our present and allow our mind to be caught up in the past or engage in meaningless fantasizing of the future. Then we are drunk.

This sums up what delusion means in Buddhism.

Reflecting thus, I am actually drunk the entire day!

Luang pu taught us to constantly be mindful of our breathe and use the mantra buddho to arrest our wondering thoughts. So every breathing moment is a tool to make our mind be anchored to the present. When breathing in, we mentally recite bu  and when exhaling we mentalling say dho.

It sound simple to be freed from delusional thoughts. In reality, we are not used to it.

Much effort is required. Let’s try and share this practice with others.

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