Mother of Long Life


Mother of long life, white in colour , sitting graceful, you smiled at me.

I prayed for long life and saw myself back in time,
sitting together with brothers and sisters in that small little shrine.

Our father giving us new life.

New life as a tantric, that day I was reborn.
yet did not recognize it…..

That day I was reborn. That day I was taught to call upon you.
Mother of long life please bless that new born baby.

That new born tantric.
Spiritually fragile.
Needing nourishment so desperately.

Mother please bless me, may my spiritual life be long.
May the spring of bodhicitta be fresh.
May I constantly drink from it.
May this tantric not die of thirst.

Mother please bless me, may my spiritual life grow strong
May the fruit of sadhana ripen quickly
May I taste this wonderful fruit
May this tantric not die of hunger.

Mother please bless me, may my spiritual life not be sick
May my samaya vows protect me.
May I be guarded from afflictions
May this tantric be free from the samsaric suffering.

Tears sprung from my eyes.
How fragile this baby is.

Like a mother, I should guard him.
Like a mother I will nourish him.
May he grow to be an enlighten being.

Suddenly I am white and glowing.

I must bring him water to drink.
May the bodhicitta within me never cease.

I must find food for him.
May I tend to the sadhana diligently

I must keep him safe
May the samaya be guarded fiercely

I am the mother and the children.
So many tantric baby

Wonderful Indeed!

Ratna Jamyang Puntsog


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