Breathe and appreciate

face Meditation on our breathe

No matter where we are, we can always bring our mind in and anchor it using this simple technique.

Just maintain awareness of the breathe passing by this point when it enters and exits the body.

As shown – The red dot in the picture.

No special effort is required to manipulate the breathing. Just pure awareness. No need to hold and retain the breathe. No need to expand or contract any part of the body. Just awareness.

Occasionally, we can do formal sitting meditation.

We need to sit in a comfortable and peaceful environment. No slouching.

Then just bring the awareness to this point. Still the mind. Effort is required to focus and still the mind.

(Right Effort – Middle path, no anger, no slacking, just persistent and patience. Try again and again)

If the mind is distracted, just patiently bring it back to this point.

Try again and again. Be compassionate with ourself. If we fail to still the mind, just tell ourself, “never mind, lets try again”. Just like encouraging a child to walk.

When too tired, just rest.

Like working out at the gym, our strength and stamina will increase over time.

No need to anticipate anything. That is also useless thought.

If vision in the mind appear, just ignore and bring it back to this point. “Kill the thought, even if it is a religious one”

That’s it, breathing meditation.

Lastly, do not be over attached with the meditation itself.

I first experienced the benefit of this meditation during my high school.

When studying, there is only the book, the reading and the breath. Knowledge is absorbed super fast. On my way to school, every blade of grass seems to be in its perfect spot and beautiful. There is a lightness in the heart. A simple contentment as a student. Life is beautiful. (by the way, I still played soccer with my classmates. Meditation does not turn one into a nerd)

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