Ancient City

Ancient City is an open-air museum in Bangkok and it is definitely worth a trip if you enjoy looking at unique architectural buildings. It is basically a giant park with good replicas of ancient buildings from all over Thailand. Therefore, instead of traveling to different corners of Thailand to see those ancient marvels, you can just visit this park for all your Instagram “must-have” shots. The replicas are pretty decent!

Two tips here.

  1. Check the weather forecast before heading there. You won’t enjoy the trip if it rains heavily.
  2. You can get discounted tickets from Klook (I am not paid by them) Anyway check out the official website ticket price and discounted prices offered by different companies. I got mine from Klook and it was a fuss-free experience redeeming the ticket.

Here’s the link to Klook:

Here’s their website :

Furthermore, replicas of temples are properly consecrated with beautiful images of Buddha within them. Therefore, besides enjoying the exterior, we can also enjoy the beauty within. There was this beautiful mock up of the palace (I think). Unfortunately, taking pictures was forbidden. Every inch of the interior was covered by small pieces of mirror and they bounced the sunlight around the room in an almost magical manner. I guess you have to be there at the right time to catch that wonder. The point I am trying to make is, to try and explore the interiors of all the various buildings.

If wearing a traditional Thai costume for a photoshoot is part of your bucket list, then this place will score another point from you. Unlike Wat Arun, this remote location is not a tourist magnet yet. That means you can have the wonderful exotic buildings as your backdrop without having to jostle with other people.

Thailand’s afternoon Sun can be cruel, so I would recommend visiting this place in the morning. Another piece of advice is to splurge on renting a golf cart to travel within the park. You will thank me if you are renting a Traditional Thai costume to wear. (The shop for costume rental is just a short distance from the entrance) The golf cart allows you the flexibility of going anywhere, anytime. For a cheaper alternative, you may consider the tram services provided by the park. It comes at regular intervals but you will sacrifice the flexibility of traveling at your own pace. Alternatively, you may also rent a bicycle to travel around, (provided you are not wearing a traditional Thai costume)

If you are traveling in a golf cart, do not make the mistake of using google Maps to navigate within the park. There is actually a small village inside there! I had so much faith in Google Maps that I did not think twice about following a dirt road that appeared on google Maps. (It was supposed to be a short cut) I ended up in the middle of a village with the women folks staring out from their wooden stilt house at this crazy tourist. So stick to the official park map. (collect from the ticket counter)

There are numerous cafes and even a buffet restaurant within the park. I think the experience of eating Padthai in a pavilion by the lake can be quite pleasing.

How to get there?

Take the BTS to the last station (Kheha station). The road (beside the station) that travels towards Ancient City has taxis queueing to pick up tourist heading to Ancient City. (15 min) I used Grab app to determine what is a reasonable price from the station to Ancient City. With that piece of information, it becomes easier to negotiate with taxi drivers. (Some taxis negotiate a flat rate instead of using the meter to charge you for the trip)

Travel safe. Have Fun, and may you be well and happy.

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