Buddha and Bodhisattva

Pictorial introduction of 88 Buddhas – part 2

Continuing from part 1. The names of the 3 Buddhas in part 1 also describe the state or experience when we are deep in meditation. Our mind becomes bright and illuminating and is completely pure.

The following are pictorial representations of the 88 Buddhas and this series will showcase the Buddhas gradually. To find out more about the 88 Buddha repentance prayers, please refer to my previous posts.

南無 多摩羅跋 栴檀香 佛
Namo Tamalapatra-candana-gandha Buddhaya
Namo Cassia sandalwood fragrance Buddha

This Buddha destroys all delusive thoughts and establishes wisdom in us. He also cures illness relating to the breast and ailments relating to the imbalance of the water element.

 南無 栴檀 光 佛
Namo Candana-prabha Buddhaya
Namo Sandalwood Light Buddha

Anyone who takes refuge in this Buddha will attain a mind that is free from impurities, where every thought is pure and good, leading steadily towards enlightenment. This Buddha removes abdominal pain and ailment relating to the imbalance of phlegm.

 南無 摩尼幢 佛
Namo Mani-dhvaja Buddhaya
Namo Precious Gem Banner Buddha

Taking refuge in this Buddha enables one to have a good understanding of all dharma as well as the ability to propagate them. Thus, dignifying and placing the minds of others onto the Dharma path. One will also be able to dissolve misfortune, curses, ailments, etc that was placed by wrathful gods, ancestral spirits, and other malevolent evil spirits.

To be continued….

May all be well and happy.

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