Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra – Part 16


In the worlds of the southern direction there are countless other Buddhas, like the Buddha “Lamp of the Sun and Moon”, and the Buddha “Light of Renown”, and the Buddha “Great Flaming Shoulders”, and the Buddha “Lamp of the Polar Mountain”, and the Buddha “Infinite Progress”. Each of them preaches in his own land with the eloquence of a Buddha, and covers a whole cosmos, speaking the truth. All of you sentient beings should believe this scripture extolling their inconceivable merits, and which all Buddhas protect and keep in mind.

In the previous post, I shared how these verses felt like a protection Gatha (Buddhist mystical verses with supernatural abilities) to me. Besides that, these verses tell us that there are limitless Buddha in each cardinal direction; and each of them pervades the cosmos with Buddha Dharma.

This may sound like a boastful statement but Buddha Dharma is simply the Truth of reality. Naturally, such Truth pervades all realms of existence. Therefore, when we rely upon Dharma as our source of refuge and protection; then we should have confidence that our safety is assured. That safety transcends our mortal sense of being.

In Amitabha sutra, we are exhorted to uphold the sutra and hold it in our minds. By doing so, we generate immeasurable merits. In addition to that, we are encouraged to copy the deeds of Sakyamuni Buddha. Just as Buddha did not wait for others to enquire about it but initiated the sharing of Amitabha Sutra; likewise, we are encouraged to share this practice with as many people as possible.

May all be well and happy.

May the pandemic end.

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