Singapore National Orchid Garden

Although there are special programs that allow Singaporean to travel overseas, I find the requirement for covid test too bothersome. Moreover, people are still jittery about Omicron, and travel arrangements can be sabotaged at any time. Therefore, I decided to explore local attractions instead.

My latest love is the Singapore National Orchid Garden (NOG). If you love exotic orchids, then this little oasis nestled inside Singapore Botanic Garden is a must. This means you get to visit 2 lovely parks in one go.

The landscaping in (NOG) is neat and attractive. Orchids are constantly replaced with fresh flowering plants so that visitors can truly appreciate their blooming beauty. Be careful not to be too captivated and watch your steps. I have seen people tripping when their eyes are glued to the beautiful orchid while walking around this oasis.

Inside NOG, is a cool house. It is basically a HUGE Greenhouse that is fully airconditioned to bring the temperature down and the moisture up! I could have spent many hours inside this cool house, taking pictures of exotic orchids and leaves; away from the merciless tropical sun outside.

I would recommend visiting Singapore Botanic Garden at 7am. Explore it and enjoy the charm of a tropical morning. Then head on to NOG to escape the sweltering heat as the Sun climbs higher up. If you truly enjoy yourself thus far; then it would probably be nice to have lunch in one of the many food establishments here. Have a seat, enjoy a cool drink and some food before leaving.

Here are more orchids to please

May all be well and happy.

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