September Free gift (Gifted away)

In case you are wondering why I am giving free gift. click here

This month’s free gift is the image of Tara, the Buddha in female form.

Please note: This pendant had been given away.

There are a few stories concerning the origin of Tara. The one that tickles me, is a “feminist” one. Before her enlightenment, Tara was a princess who enjoys charitable deeds. Once, she was offering alms to monks and an elderly monk praised her by saying that as a reward for her meritorious deeds, she will surely be reborn a male in future lifetimes and become a Buddha.

She retorted that position by making a wish that she would become a Buddha in a female body! Thus, Tara is also known as a female Buddha.

In another narration, Tara arose from a magical tear shed by Avalokiteshvara. Being Tara, she is known as Mother Goddess to all sentient beings who call upon her name for help. Many practitioners attest to her swift respond to fervent prayers. She is popular in Tibetan Buddhism and often appears as a green colored girl, sixteen of age.

I only have one pendant to give away and will send it to you, free of charge, if your email appears first on my inbox after this post is published.

Simply fill up the form below and click send.

If your email is chosen, I will reply your email and request for your postage mail address. Then I will mail the pendant to you.

May all be well and happy.

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