Advices from my house

The Roof says : Make sure you have a reliable and sturdy shelter in life. (Refuge in Triple Gems)

The rafter says : Have lofty goals to encourage personal growth.

The beam says: Be strong to carry the burden of life

The walls say: Keep negativities outside. (mindfulness)

The door says: Remember to venture out and remember to return home, but do not let evil enters and always lock up.

The ceiling light says : Be a source of light for yourselves and others

The ceiling fans and air conditioner say : Always keep your cool in difficult situations

The heater says : Bring warmth to yourselves and others (loving kindness and compassion)

The clock says : Be aware of every passing second because time is precious

The calendar says : Start every day afresh!

The mirror says : Constantly self-reflect (our actions, speech and thoughts define us)

The window says : Keep your views open and be aware of your surroundings.

The floor says : Stay grounded; no matter how successful you are.

The stairs says : Watch your every step in life.

Finally, the toilet says: When it is time to let go, flush it all away!

May all be well and happy.

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