The Secret Downtown Temple in Taiwan

Here’s a 4 minute video to bring you to Taichung in Taiwan. The monastery of Bodhisattvas! (菩薩寺)

I think this temple is super cool for it aesthetic. It is modern and yet functional as a Buddhist temple. The raw concrete is so Zen and although the plot of land is small, it still offers quiet corners for tranquility. Smack in a bustling city, this secret oasis of peace is what we city folks need!

Watch it yourselves.

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  1. I always had a perception that temples would be built away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    What a beautiful place this would be to visit.

    I also found the short video most helpful, thanks.


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    • The idea of bringing peace into the city is such a bodhisattva ideal.
      Imagine getting off work and checking into the temple next door for meditation.
      Another temple that I like is situated between 2 shopping malls in Bangkok. I enjoyed going there early morning during my vacation to meditate. Followed by shopping and entertainment when the malls open.😁


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