The Wonder of Buddhism – part 2

Singapore celebrates Vasak day tomorrow (26th May) for this year of 2021. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. On this special occasion, I am reminded of the wonder of Buddha’s message to mankind.

The message of Buddha (known as Dharma), offers us the solution and wisdom to be freed from Suffering. The wonder about Dharma is that it offers immediate result when we start practicing it. This is because the practice is the result. How so? For example, the practice of letting go, frees us from clinging to a sad memory that is already our past. The practice of meditation offers us immense peacefulness of mind. The practice of loving kindness brings happiness into our home. And there is so much more practices beside those that I mentioned. That is the wonder of Dharma; immediate results guaranteed.

The Dharma is the truth and because it is the Truth; it doesn’t shy from stating the obvious. Samsara (all forms of existences) is sufferings. The first Noble Truth tells us that life is suffering. It is as it is. As long as we are born, we will probably become sick, grow old and definitely die. That is life. It is a Truth that mankind had been trying to find a way to cope with.

Fortunately, a Buddha (Shakyamuni) had appeared in our time and He had taught that there is an End to suffering. He explained what causes sufferings and the method of ending sufferings. The wonder of Dharma is that many men and women had followed the methods prescribed in the Dharma; and they had experienced the End of their Suffering in their very life, while they are still alive. Thus, Dharma is alive and living.

How do we know that Enlightenment is a Truth?

Well, we experience happiness once we start practicing. Although, our happiness is not perfect yet; we know with confidence that it can be perfected. That is the wonder about Buddhism.

Happy Vesak Day.

May all be well and happy.

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