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Fusion sichuan soup

I was in the gym pondering what to eat for lunch. I wanted something that is minimal carb and salad is out because it was salad for every lunch last week! Soup seems like my best option. Hot and fulfilling soup after workout would be food bliss. SICHUAN SWEET AND SOUR SOUP it is.

Unfortunately, I did not have all the ingredients for a traditional recipe but that will not stop me. Because the heart sutra says, “form is emptiness and emptiness is form”, isn’t it? Here’s what I found in my kitchen and the result is sooooo satisfying. The following is good for 2 servings.


1 Shallots (sliced), 1 ginger knob (cut into fine strips) and 3 cloves of garlic (minced)

Shitake Mushroom cut into slice, toufu cut into strips, 1 tomato diced and 1 beaten egg (Not in the picture because it is not pohotogenic)

Seasoning: Black Chinese vinegar, canned pasta bolognese sauce, korean chilli paste. Okay, it is unorthodox but that’s what fusion is all about, right? Anyway, the soup taste absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed this soup.


Sautee the ginger, shallot and garlic in a little bit of oil until fragrant.

Add shitake mushroom and stir fry till they are soft. Add tomatoes. Pour the canned pasta sauce into the pan. Lower the heat.

Fill the empty can with water and add 1 can of water to pan. Stir well and bring to simmer. Add one teaspoon of Korean chilli paste. Let the paste dissolve in the simmering broth. Again stir well. Add 2 tablespoon of Chinese black vinegar. Stir well. Add tofu and turn up the heat. Stir well and let it simmer a bit.(2 min?)

You should get a rich and thick broth. If it is too watery, add cornstarch solution to thicken the soup. To make cornstarch solution, simply dissolve 3 teaspoon of cornstarch to 3 tablespoon of water.

Once the thick broth bubbles, pour the beaten egg into the broth while stirring gently. Let it simmer for 3 minutes and this tangy spicy soup is good to serve.

Season with pepper and your favourite herb when serving. (optional)

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