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Spicy sweet cabbage recipe

The secret of Buddhist diet is “less is more”. Eat less more health. Less oil, less salt and less sugar. Buddha ate once a day and he lived till his 80s. That is no easy feat in ancient times because medical science was not as advance.

This dish is inspired by Korean temple and it is plain and simple. It is meant to accompany a bowl of steam rice and we only take two to three table spoon of the cabbage . The balance can be stored in the chiller for about 3 days and consumed over various meal. Frugal and simple. This is a side dish.

Spicy sweet cabbage

If you do a one to 3 day retreat, this simple diet that is almost like fasting should spice up your practice! I am being naughty by using garlic. Mahayana Buddhist vegetarian will recoil in horror. Instead of garlic, they will use ginger instead.


  • CABBAGE – thinly cut
  • ginger or garlic to sautee
  • a few cloves
  • chilli paste – 1 tablespoon or more if you prefer it more spicy
  • ketchup – 2 tablespoon or more, base on your preference
  • sugar – 1 tablespoon or 2 at most. less sugar more health
  • toasted black sesame seed to garnish (optional)
Cooking with love and mantra


  • Sautee the minced garlic or sliced ginger until fragrant
  • add cloves
  • add cabbage
  • add chilli paste and stir fry
  • add Ketchup and let the cabbage simmer, if the cabbage is too dry, add a little bit of water. Cover the frying pan and let it simmer
  • add sugar to taste
  • Voila! spicy and sweet cabbage side dish.

Remember to generate metta while cooking and chant your favourite mantra to go along with.

May all be well and happy

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