10 avoidance for a successful Buddhist manager

The value of success in Buddhism is not simply measured by the $ value or how many headcount reports to you. Beyond secular and material value, we have to consider sublime factors too.

How many lives did we help? How much wisdom did we spread? What kind of karma did you do? What kind of environment did we build?

Why do we care about such sublime values?

Because in our endless round of rebirth, what we create today is for us to experience next. Here’s the 10 things to avoid.

  1. Avoid directly or indirectly harming or hurting others – gain allies and not foes, if you want success in life. You are halfway to success when you have people willing to come to your aid and helping you achieve your goals.
  2. Avoid Stealing – do not steal ideas and innovation of others. Respect the ideas of colleague and don’t rob others of their opportunity to shine. If your subordinate have a good idea, recognize it and be proud of them. Never steal others’ idea because the office grapevine is even better than the latest wifi. A thief does not command respect.
  3. Avoid illicit sexual conduct – a particular president fell from grace because of that. Need I say more? Yup, that super hot intern seems to be hitting on you and looking up to you. Stay professional.
  4. Avoid Lying – there is no perfect lie. If you want people to take your word seriously, avoid lying. The boy who cried wolf is a true lesson. When you don’t know something, it is better to admit it and provide a plan on how to overcome that temporary shortcoming. Knowledge can be learnt, a lie cannot be unheard.
  5. Avoid Slandering – harming the personality of another with words is despicable because the victim is not given a fair chance to defend themselves. If you allow such bad behavior to flourish or participate in them, you are contributing to a toxic environment. Don’t forget that you are in that environment too. It will poison you sooner or later.
  6. Avoid Rude speech – People like pleasantries and there is a reason why the song bird is preferred to the crow. If you want friends, speak pleasantly. Talking down to people is not communication, it is one way and you’ll end up missing vital information because people don’t like talking to you.
  7. Avoid babbling and idle talk – Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and look wise instead of speaking and be known a fool. (especially in a meeting) When a person keeps talking, his words become valueless, just like the background radio.
  8. Avoid Covetousness – Greedy for things that are not yours leads to suffering. Especially if you are coveting the position of your boss and being unscrupulous about it. Greed in our mind clouds our judgement and turn us into beast.
  9. Avoid Ill-will – Being unforgiving and critical of another’s mistake. Nobody is perfect in this world. It is easy to scream “You are fired!” but can you fire an entire team? Helping people to improve themselves means you get an extra pair of hands. If you have a thousand arms, isn’t it more efficient in getting things done?
  10. Evil views – promoting greed, hatred and wrong principles as good for company performance will lead to a dysfunctional team. Do you encourage people to gossip so that you’ll know what is going on? Do you reward ruthless competition in your team? When you grow something wrongly, it is known as cancer. Promote wisdom in your team and you create a harmonious office instead. Because our workplace is our second home.

May all be well and happy.

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