My parents are non buddhist. Help please…

The respond of a monk in a question and answer session is refreshing and I hope to share with all.

Male student: “My parents are Catholic and they do not believe in Buddha. Can they go to heaven after their death?”

Buddhist master:

Going to heaven or paradise after death depends on karma. It had nothing to do with whether you believe in Buddha or not. If a person is good and had done many good deeds, then they will be reborn in a good place.

As a son, one of the basic good deed that you must do, is to be filial to your parents. Again, this is not dependent on whether they are Buddhist or not.

To become a Buddhist, one has to have tons of merits. If your parents are good people, it will just be a matter of time before they have the merits to receive Dharma. If not in this life, then in future ones.

I think the reply aptly sums up the Buddhist approach to wisdom in life.

The important thing is being good and kind to one another. The labeling of Buddhist or non Buddhist are man made.

They are forms.

Attachment to forms result in sufferings.

May all be well and happy.

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