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I decides to take bus number 81 to Kanchanaburi from the Sai Tai Mai bus terminal.

Once you enter the main building, turn left, you want to go to the bus platform. Not easy to find your way around because signage is inadequate. I showed picture of bus 81 that goes to kanchanaburi

and smile brightly at people

And asked, “Kanchanaburi bus where”?

to find my way to the correct platform.

You have to go through a carpark to reach the bus platform.

You have to buy ticket at the booth. A table with a lady manning it. One person cost 110 bhat.

Inside the bus. There is a toilet at the back. It is air conditioned and I guess this makes it qualify as 1st class.

The journey from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Upon reaching Kanchanaburi, I hired a ‘cab’ for 4 hours at 800 bhat.

There is no taxi around and I also don’t see tuk tuk around the Bus terminal. So I think this was a wise decision.

The 1st stop in Kanchanaburi is to visit cafe that is besides large tract of padi field. It is the in-thing now and I can see more cafe sprouting around the agricultural landscape. At least 2 were under construction.

Meena cafe is a crowd puller. The cafe has long walkway leading into the muddy padi field for those hardcore instagramer. Props like giant straw hats and umbrellas can be found at the doorstep to help you capture the perfect selfie shots.

With emerald green padi sprouts (25th Oct) in the foreground whilst the distant backgrounds has temples and pagoda on a hilltop. What else can you ask for in a selfie?

Chilling out with ice coffee while lounging in hammocks and nets that hung over the padi field is a unique experience for city folks like me.

75/18 Muang Muang Chum, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110, Thailand
+66 85 681 8187

Cafe Rim Bua (กาแฟริมบัว)
Unnamed Road, Muang Chum, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71110, Thailand
+66 81 758 1705

To reach this cafe that boast of a flower filled pond with koi fishes, I have to sit beside my driver with GPS google map to show him the way.

Had a simple lunch here. Eating pad thai while enjoying the view is fun. The food is decently cooked but nothing to rave about.

Wat Tham Seau

A temple that became a spiritual power spot all because of 1 monk. It started off with 1 monk staying in a cave, minding his own business.

Then people sought his blessings and psychic help. Words spread about his spiritual powers.

Before you know it, we have a giant Buddha and pagoda on a hill. This temple was in the background of the cafe.

Since all mundane matters are impermanent, the Guru monk had also passed away. However, his earthly remains refused to decompose and his body is still lying in state for worshipper to pay their respect.

The short climb up the hill. I obseeving people going up on the red steps while coming down on the green steps.

Sakyamuni Buddha with a mudra of debate (right hand) or also known as bestowing of wisdom. Left hand is bestowing of blessings with palm facing out, fingers pointing down. So basically, it is giving material and spiritual blessings.!

Wax statue of the holy monk in front of the glass casket. Very life like

Mummified body of the holy monk. Buddhist respectfully refer to such holy remains as Vajra Body.

Entrance to the cave. Seems to have a naturally formed standing Buddha image next to the opening. Do you see it or is it just my tired eyes?

The trip to Kanchanaburi cannot be completed if you don’t visit the bridge over river kwai. However, the hot tropical sun and humid air is rather unbearable. I enjoyed the coconut ice cream at river kwai more than the bridge

Took the same bus back to bangkok. There is a night market besides the Sai Tai Mai bus terminal in Bangkok,

Remember to tell the conductor in the bus to let you alight at Sai Tai Mai station.

If you intend to visit a night market, watch out for weather forecast. If it is going to rain, you should change your plan. Otherwise, a night market is paradise for street food lovers.

Hope you enjoy this post.

May all be well and happy.

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