Last week was crazy busy for me. In our work life, there are moments when work seems to pile up with vengeance.

The to-do-list keeps expanding and we find ourselves lost and buried in those tasks. So much so that we have problem remembering what to do or what should be done.

In the midst of my crazy busy, a dharma message came to me through a road sign.


That is exactly what we have to do in a crazy busy work day. In fact, every day.

We have to pause our running mind. This can be done by becoming aware of the crazy busy state of our mind. Just like a busy traffic. We need to stop before disaster or accident happens.

Our mind becomes unsettled and chaotic in a stressful environment. It is imagining outcomes, thinking about past experience ( setback or success) suggesting ways of doing things, feeling all sorts of emotions.


We take back the steering wheel. Establish awareness. Take a few deep breathe. Force yourself to drink a cup of tea.


Turning our focus inwards, we examine and diagnose our mind. Are there negative emotions? Are we delusional with fear of failure or elated with imaginary success? Are we too scared to move or careless in our rush?

Feeling disgruntled? “Oh how I wish I am back home meditating.”

Feeling stressed? ” how can I complete all these by end of the day?”

These thoughts and emotions are like cars and trucks in our mind. Without mindfulness, they can “knock” us off balance and affect our performance at work.

Once we are aware and mindful of what is going on in our head, we can cross the busy traffic with skill.


If we are stress out by endless workload, remember nothing is permanent. That includes stressful situations.

If we are faced with difficult people, remember our buddha nature and do not fall into lower level of behaviour.

If we are heedless, we need to slow down and be careful.

If we are paralysed with fear, we remind ourselves that effort will bring results. Small little steps make a journey.

In this manner, we apply what we learn in Dharma to our daily life.

Living skilfully and wisely.

May all be well and happy.

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