I have been chanting the following mantra whenever I felt emotionally drained or down since young.


Heart Sutra

Popularly translated as follow:

gone, gone, gone beyond, gone truly beyond, (to) glorious awakening

It is found in the Heart Sutra and its efficaciousness in dispelling misfortune and unfavorable situations in life had been vouched by many.

We can chant this mantra as a practice to generate concentration. Specifically for promoting the state of non-self.

We may also chant this mantra whenever our mind feels unease, for example when we just woke up from a terrible nightmare, or when we sense unnerving vibes in our surroundings. Sometimes, when we walk into a house, office, park etc, we may experience a “Darken” energy or vibration in the air…. That’s a good time to chant this mantra,verbally or mentally.

The idea behind this practice is “emptiness”. It will be beneficial if you have the some understanding of Buddhist concept of emptiness.

All our problems, misfortune and unfavorable situations in life, dark malevolent energy, bad vibes etc. are impermanent. They are without real substance and will ultimately change for the better. Everything in the Universe (Including bad situations) comes about when the necessary factors, conditions and elements are present.

Just as they arise, they will also disappear.

When we chant this mantra, it is with deep convictions that bad things will come to pass. Bad things and situations are without real substance. Through the blessings of the Triple Gems, the dispelling of bad situations will happen quickly.

In this manner, I also use this mantra when I perform smudging at home or on someone.

When we use this mantra to drive away negative energy, it is always for driving away the 3 poisons found in sentient beings. (note: in that way, the objective is unlike exorcism.)

Namely, Craving, Hatred and ignorance. Due to these 3 poisons afflicting the mind, beings engaged in harmful actions. When beings engaged in harmful actions, they create bad karma. Therefore, they will suffer more in the future.

When we understand this, we feel compassion for the erring beings. (seen or unseen)

We chant this mantra with good intention that their 3 poisons will be dispelled. Recitation of this mantra can be verbal or mental. Whichever is convenient and comfortable.

Chant with concentration, chant with pure motivation, chant with compassion and loving kindness. Like a mother removing thorns and cobwebs away from her precious child.

Some practitioners would clap their hand after each recitation of the mantra. Some people believe that the sound of a clap is forceful in nature and will drive away ignorance and awaken the innate wisdom.

For me, it also reminds me of emptiness, When the factors are all present, the sound of a clap arose.Then just as quickly, it dissolves into nothingness.

Hope you enjoy this mystic practice. Remember to balance mysticism with logic and common sense. Have fun.

May all be well and happy.

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  1. Jamyang, as you already know, I recite everyday some chapters of the Lotus Sutra, from the Kyoten. This one is very beautiful, can you write me the original words, please. I would like to learn them and than as well recite them, because the rhythms really speaks to me. Thank you my ever Buddhist friend.


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