Do not take it personally.

Have you encountered such a situation at work?

During a heated exchange of different opinions, someone declared that he is not going to take it personally and subsequently he became a non participating member of the team?

In Buddhism, we discussed about letting go of our self and ego. To not take things personally, seems to be in line with this motto. However, why is the resulting effect of it; a cold and ice walled individual?

On the other hand, realised masters who had renounced their ego are so humble, open hearted and helpful?

I think the idea of not taking it personally can be misconstrued too. In the mundane situation, people are still attached to their ego. Their belief and views are part of that ego. When we state that we are not going to take it personally, what we are really saying is, ” I still believe that my views are correct, I am not going to be part of your madness” In reality we are taking it personally to the extreme. Very contrary to our statement.

The non personal me.

I guess what forms our self identity is our beliefs and views. Our preferences and dislike. Our habitual reactive actions and thoughts to situations.

Most of these are acquired after birth. Our home and our parents influenced us. Our country and culture influenced us. Our friends, our idols etc, they all help to influence us.

Our likes and dislikes further reinforce our views and beliefs. We have a personality.

Since our personality is just the effect of our life situations, it should be changeable.

Some people are open throughout their life, learning and experiencing life throughout their existence.

Most people are flexible and adaptable up till their youth. Then as we aged, we kind of just get stuck with our habitual preferences. We are not so open to new ideas and beliefs. We are encased in our self. Our ego.

It maybe good to let go and learn new things. Experience the present. To really live.

For me, I need to learn to appreciate the modern music. Without realizing it, I belong to the 80s. Just like I used to mock my parent’s taste for the 60s, the teens cannot understand my preference for the 80s.

And so the cycle of Samsara continue. Generation after generation.

May all be well and happy, free from sufferings.

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