Karmic relations – part 1

In the scripture, the Buddha praised the virtues of his ex-wife, Princess Yashodara and recounted their past relationships for many lifetimes as husband and wife.

That was an extremely good and virtuous karmic relation. Karmic relationship are not unique and we might have experienced them too.

Typically but not always true;

when we meet someone new and we have a very strong feeling or emotional reaction towards that person; without any logical explanation or any interaction. Then there is a chance that we might have some kind of karmic relation with that person. Some may say it is love at 1st sight.

However,not all relations are lovey dovey. Sometimes, we may have a sense of immense aversion or hatred. Relations make our life meaningful, but it can also be a source of suffering.

Love can turn into hatred. Strong attachment can also result in sufferings. That is why the Buddha taught that it is unwise to rely on mundane relationship for happiness.

Here’s a story on karmic relations. It happened in the 70s and I heard it from my grand aunt.

A married couple was introduced to the practice of Nichiren chanting because only daughter had an incurable illness. The mother was wracked by grief and no amount of chanting could console her mind. She witnessed her child dying gradually, day by day.

Many people were worried about the mother’s will to live, should her precious child passed away. Finally the elders suggested something to give the mother hope.

As the child was dying, they suggested that the mother pray for her daughter to be reborn as her child again. Consoling her that death will be just a temporary separation. Therefore, she should not give up hope and live her life fully.

Finally they drew a star on the child’s hand as a mean for identification. That little girl expressed her faith and said she wanted to come back to her mother. In that manner, the child passed away peacefully amidst the chanting.

In a way, that mother was able to manage her grieve. Although doubtful, she still had a glimmer of hope. Her previous threats to die with her child did not materialised and she devoted more time to religion instead. Soon peace of mind was achieved.

It was 2 years later when something extraordinary happened.

Her new born niece had the birthmark! An exact shape and size of a star on her hand. Perhaps it was coincident, perhaps it was karmic relation.

Naturally, that woman became a doting aunt and godmother to her precious niece.

End of part 1.

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