Shakyamuni Buddha

Testing a psychic in ancient India -a part 2

After the previous episode, Garahadinna bore a grudge and he decided to revenge his humiliation.

He approached Sirigutta to rekindle the friendship and when a suitable period of time had passed.

He casually asked Sirigutta, ” what is so great of the monk Gotama? What use is he, in your life?”

Naturally, Sirigutta sang high praises of Buddha.

Garahadinna grinned and ask, ” My friend, why didn’t you tell me about your precious teacher much earlier? Please help me to invite him over for a meal at my house tomorrow.”

In reality Garahadinna had been plotting revenge on Sirigutta. He intended to humiliate Sirigutta’s religious teacher (Buddha) in retaliation.

A path with hidden trap had been laid in his house. Underneath this path is a ditch that is filled with burning embers. He planned to activate the trap so that Buddha and his disciples will fall into the burning pitch.

Separately, Sirigutta informed Buddha of Garahadinna’s invitation. He also informed Buddha of how he had humiliated Garahadinna’s heretic teacher previously.

As usual, Buddha indicated his acceptance of the meal offerings by remaining silent.

On the day of the meal offering. Garahadinna had also prepared empty food vessels just like what Sirigutta did previously.

He also went to the gate of his mansion and paid the highest respect. Making fanfare and attracting a large crowd to witness his devious scheme.

Similar to what Sirigutta did previously, he also mentally confessed to Buddha that there wasn’t any food and a trap had been laid in his mansion to harm Buddha. If Buddha is really clairvoyant, then he should not enter.

However, Buddha proceeded to enter his mansion.

When Buddha was about to set foot on the trap, the false footing disappeared to reveal the burning pit underneath. Then giant lotuses bloomed forth from the burning embers to create steps leading to the seats of honour.

In this manner, Buddha and his entourage of monks walked serenely across the burning pit and took seats.

When Garahadinna witnessed this miracle, he was consumed with fear and regret.

Apparently Buddha and his disciples are extraordinary beings and they had sat down. Waiting for the promised meal offerings. The crowd were definitely impressed by such miracles.

What will happen next if everyone discovered Garahadinna had no food to offer.

He hurried to Sirigutta and confessed his scheme.

“What should I do now? I did not expect this. In reality I did not prepared any food offerings. All the food vessels were empty.”

Sirigutta had strong faith in Buddha and advised Garahadinna to unveil the food vessels.

Garahadinna was surprised to discover that all the empty food vessels had miraculously been filled up with the finest food.

The meal offerings proceeded smoothly and Garahadinna was overwhelmed with devotion and faith in Buddha.

After the meal, Buddha delivered a sermon and many people gain liberation, including the 2 best friends (Sirigutta and Garahadinna)

End of story.

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