SMILE: Morning Rebirth


One of the practice that I shared with my student is to wake up with a smile.

The first thing to do upon waking up while still in bed, is to SMILE.

This is a celebration for life. Each morning is like a rebirth for us after one night of slumber.

Buddhist believe that a human life is most precious because it has all the right conditions to help one achieve Enlightenment.

So isn’t it great to be thankful for life as a human, for another day. New opportunities to train our mind and another new step towards enlightenment.

We have to really smile as wide as possible. Even if we feel cranky.

When I do this, my mood gets an uplift instantly. So I wake up less cranky.

I try to do this throughout the day too whenever I notice any negativities in my mind, especially sadness;

I force myself to take a deep breathe and smile widely. (when in office or in public areas, do so discretely. My colleague once caught me smiling broadly and was perplexed. It did spread and make her smile in reciprocation though)

I believe smiling has an uplighting effect. We are telling the mind , we want to be happy.

It works for me and I hope it works for you too.

No drugs needed to boost our happiness factor.


My Buddhist name is Ratna Jamyang Puntsog. I first encountered Buddhism in this life when I was 12. Formally took ceremonial refuge in the triple gem when I was 19. I believe the different spiritual methods were taught by Buddha to suit various beings who each have their own unique characteristic. The various sects and practices that arose are just a naming convention invented by disciples out of communication necessity. Had read and studied different forms of Buddhism. Volunteered in Buddhist organization. Until it last, I hope to share my views on Buddhism and find like minded practitioners around the world. May we practice Buddha's instruction together and connect through cyber space!

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