Sex had been a Big topic for a lot of us. I think because unlike eating or pissing, one basically start sex after puberty. Sex may result in a new life being created.

This is contemplation after reading the articles and views of various monks and nuns who responded to the the LGBT fight for marriage rights in Taiwan.

I BELIEVE, various social and cultural observance are developed to control or guide sexual behaviour of mankind.

In Buddhism, sex is not viewed as a special holy duty for procreation. In fact we wish to escape from this cycle of birth and death. The ability to renounce from worldly craving is viewed as noble.

Therefore, Buddhism is more concerned about the mental affliction that makes sex so alluring. The recognition that craving creates suffering and the ultimate triumph over it.

When we talk about sex in Buddhism, we should not be conditioned to think based on cultural context. If so, we start to define if an act is acceptable or unacceptable to the family and society.

The family and society lacks enlightenment and is caught in suffering.

Social expectation are created by unenlightened mind with unenlightened expectation.

So if we base our buddhist discussion about sex using prevailing social norms, then we would miss the point altogether.

From the context of nirvana, craving for sensual pleasure is simply absent. Not that it is unacceptable but rather craving just become absent. That is the goal in Buddhism. Everything in Buddhism is to direct a person towards that.


The next question is can sexual behaviour and preference disqualify anyone from being accepted by Buddha?


Then it makes me wonder why many people are taking this topic out of context in the name of Buddhism. Is the LGBT community less deserving than the rest of the population? When someone pursue sexual gratification, is there a more preferred way of doing it in Buddhism?

I believe not. The main aim is for us to renounce craving altogether if that is attainable.

Whilst abstinence from sex is still not yet attainable by us, we are all equally inadequate regardless of how we achieve gratification.


Why make the preferred way of sexual gratification an issue?

I can imagine going to the Buddha and asking him if it is alright to have sex? Then start detailing our sexual preference to him. Then we expect him to endorse our sexual preferences?

Super weird right?

The main point is to overcome craving , isn’t it ?

I think it would be good to simply acknowledge we have craving for sensual pleasure and then work towards freedom from this carnal instinct.

Then what about Buddhist view of marriage?

Like I said. Buddhism does not view procreation as a special holy obligation of mankind. So Buddha do not oversee marriages.

His advise is to try and get a grip of our sexual desire. Whether you cohabit, has one partner or multiple partners, practice monogamy or has a harem it is still the same. Try to master your sexual desire.

Then what about the legal rights of marriage? I think, that is a man made law for the society.

I think Buddhism will encourage fairness and equality towards ALL. Otherwise Buddha would not have derecognise the caste system in India during his time.

So why do we Buddhist have to make it a complicated issue by mixing up unenlightened expectation pass down from ancient times?

What happened to the lions roar?

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