Paw Friends

Refuge prayer for our pets!

If we are Buddhist spiritual practitioners and constantly charged our surrounding with positive vibes because we meditate and chant so much, then why not involve our pets as well?

My 1st pet dog passed away peacefully in front of the Buddhist altar by itself. Likewise my high school buddhist friend recounted a similar experience. Our little furry friend just went up to the altar, lay down in front of the altar and passed on. It is sad, but beautiful and inspiring lesson taught by our paw pals.

animal refuge

Here’s what you have to do.

Step 1. We say our own refuge prayer.

Step 2. Develop compassion towards our pets for being reborn as an animal (Buddhist believe that the animal realm is an inferior realm. One of the lower realms. The other 2 lower realms are the ghost realm and the hell realm)

Step 3. Say the following prayers while looking at your pets.

“Listen well, you are born into the animal realm in this life. This is not a desirable result. I will guide you to take the Buddhist refuge now so that you may become Buddha’s disciple too. Practice the Buddha Dharma well and be freed from the lower realm when your life ends. May the power of the Buddhas guide you away from lower birth. Namo Amitabha Buddhaya”

Next repeat the following 3 times

Say your pet’s name, then say

Take refuge in Buddha, Take refuge in Dharma, Take Refuge in Sangha

Taking refuge in Buddha, you won’t fall into the hell realm

Taking refuge in Dharma, you won’t fall into the Ghost realm

Taking refuge in Sangha, you won’t fall into the animal realm

After that say the following one time

Say your pet’s name, then say

“I have just guided you on taking Buddhist refuge, when your current life ends, may you not fall into the lower realm again. In this life, you must practice recollection of Amitabha Buddha too. Now I shall chant the Buddha’s name. Remember well and practice well.

Then you chant at least 10 times Namo Amitabha Buddhaya 

Then wish your pet well and happy.

That’s it!

Depending on your pets, some owner shared stories that their pet dogs like to hang around the family altar after that.

Its common is Asia to keep pet dogs and there are some stories of pet dogs going to the altar to pass away peacefully.

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  1. That’s a wise cat you got there! My dog started off by bring me different toys to play. Now he knows to sit quietly beside me. Just the other day, he placed his right paw over the left one and looks like a meditating posture.


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