Welcome to Bodhi bowl, it is a mixing bowl of everything buddhist to me.

My Buddhist name is Ratna Jamyang Puntsog.


I am just an ordinary guy in Singapore with a passion for Buddhism and I hope to share this passion with the community out there, across the world. I believe in non-violence and mankind can be better with the right wisdom.

My Buddhist knowledge are gained from reading and listening to Dharma teachers. The teachings of Buddha had helped me a lot because they guided me in navigating the various challenges in life.

Theravadian Buddhism is a great help to me because it contains some of the best advice Buddha gave to his lay disciples. It is very down to earth and easy for me to relate to. I have very active imagination in my younger days and reading Theravadian text feels like the Buddha is talking to me directly. Advice on how to manage anger, loneliness, insecurities, interpersonal issues are all so useful and practical.

I was introduced by a friend into Mahayana Buddhism, pureland  practice when I was 16. My great grand aunt introduced me to the practice of Nichiren chanting. I was charmed by the discipline of Zen Buddhism. It is that discipline that helped me study for all my critical exams that resulted in my livelihood as an accountant later on in life.

When I was in my early twenties, curiosity of Tibetan Buddhism started to develop as I read books about the Tibetan master, Milarepa. However, my formal listening to Tibetan Buddhist teachings by qualified lama are limited to the tradition of Sakyapa. I guess that is a kind of karmic relation going on there.

I think I am fortunate to encounter Buddhism in various forms and cultures. I appreciate these many “types” of Buddhism as a necessity to help different people with different mentality.

If there are any topics that you wish to see, please drop me a mail and I will try to write something about it if I know about it.