Welcome to Buddhist bowl, it is a mixing bowl of everything buddhist to me. I am new to word press and will try my best to organise my jumble thoughts.

Being a Buddhist

This is what  I think being buddhist is about.

  • Knowing Sakyamuni Buddha. Here’s some resources for your reference. Share stories that inspired you and why they inspire you.

A modula course study

Summarise key milestone in His life

The Great Chronicles of Buddha – In depth reading of Buddha’s life. It is a free publication in pdf.

  • Having some basic understanding of what he taught. It is said that Buddha’s teaching comprises 84000 teachings. We don’t have to master all of them but should know some fundamentals

Four Noble Truths

Noble Eightfold path

Comprehensive listing in Theravadian tradition

I started Buddhism by learning from the Theravadian tradition. I think it is advantageous because it builds a firm foundation for my later study of Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.

  • Knowing the way of the holy disciples (Sangha). By reading about the life and attainment of men and women who attained Enlightenment, we know that the Buddhist goal is attainable. Here’s some of my favourites. 

Pra Ajahn Mun – A great contemporary monk in recent times. Well known for his austerity and clairvoyance. Since he can read people like an open book, his personal training for his disciple are tailored to their mind.

Dipa Ma – A lay person, a woman and a grandmother. Enlightened. What more can I say? Definitely inspired me deeply that ordinary folks who are not monks and nuns can do it too. As long as we are diligent with our mind training.

Venerable Guang Qin – A Chinese monk who gained Enlightenment through reciting Na Mo Ah Mi Tuo Fo. A Pureland practitioner. Gave up the comfort of staying in a temple to do some intensive retreat in the mountains. Greatly motivational because it shows that one does not really need to do too much reading to get Enlightened. Just simple, hardworking in mind training.

  • Once we know the key cornerstone of Buddhism, namely Buddha, Dharma (Buddhist teachings), Sangha (Enlightened Disciples) we can then Take Refuge in the Triple Gems. That means we wish to practice the Buddhist way of life.
  • Then comes serious practices to bring Buddhism into action.

Observing precepts

Meditate – Choose a mind training method and stick to it. Set some time everyday to do mind training and occasionally take a break from mundane affairs to do some spiritual retreat.