Topic for spiritual practitioners – Cautions in spiritual practices

Many great teachers from different traditions and sects warned that pursuing psychic ability is dangerous. The main purpose of spiritual practices in Buddhism is to develop good qualities and characters in ourselves. To transform ourselves into noble beings like the Arhat, Bodhisattva or Buddha. That means we should focus on developing the followings qualities: Generosity,… Read More Topic for spiritual practitioners – Cautions in spiritual practices

Paw Friends

Refuge prayer for our pets! If we are Buddhist spiritual practitioners and constantly charged our surrounding with positive vibes because we meditate and chant so much, then why not involve our pets as well? My 1st pet dog passed away peacefully in front of the Buddhist altar by itself. Likewise my high school buddhist friend… Read More Paw Friends

Wisdom Mantra

Om Ah Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih Wisdom guide our action, speech and thought to achieve happiness in lifes without harming oneself or others. This mantra is associated with Manjushri Bodhisattva. Emanation of Buddha’s wisdom. Wisdom is so important in our daily life. Happy chanting.