初心 – starting mind

This word came to mind when I was in Japan.

Do you remember what motivated you to embrace Buddha Dharma?

Each one of us enter the Way from a different door. We have our own story to tell.

Some people were searching for something and their starting mind is to find that something through Buddha Dharma.

For others, it seemed to happen naturally. More subtle, but nevertheless, there will be a “wanting”

Some may even started off under the influence of others. Perhaps friends or family. A wanting to be part of the inner circle?

I remember my starting heart is to find peace.

As I walked around the temple ground in Japan, I was reminded of it again.

Did I lose my initial mind? Or did it changed?

Am I really at peace? Or it doesn’t matter anymore?

More importantly, is it important to remember my initial mind?

Perhaps it will help keep me grounded. Perhaps it will help me focus on what I am doing.

What was your 初心?

May all be well and happy.

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